Pieris brassicae

Pieris brassicae – Large White

The Large White Butterfly, (Pieris brassicae) also often called the Cabbage White or simply Cabbage, is one of the most familiar species of butterflies – especially among gardeners. They do commonly lay their eggs on brassicas and their larvae can reach epidemic proportions. I recall some years ago coming back from a holiday to find that there was nothing left of my young cauliflower plants but a stump of a stalk and a considerable pile of frass (caterpiller pooh).

Despite living in Thanet, an isle notable for its cauliflower production, the air is not constatly filled with these species… perhaps the chemical farming locally practiced is to blame. I for one considered my brassicas fair game – I’d rather watch butterflies than eat cabbage.

These poor images are all I have managed so far.

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