More changes and even more colour… but where are all the insects?

Late May and the garden is at its most colourful. The new borders look a picture… except the one alongside the back door. Nightly visits by one or, sometime, two foxes have seen minor damage. We tried to fix every potential entry and it backfired.

Can foxes get annoyed? It certainly looked like it as we reviewed the security camera footage. Unable to climb back its usual way up the wall it tore up the bush next to the route. It tugged at and chewed through canes, grabbed the Lamb’s Sage branches and tugged and ripped until it was destroyed and did the same to several other plants. Then it dug up others.

It doesn’t look its best, despite our efforts to tidy up.

Everything to the right of this picture was vandalised!

The area between the window and shed is at its best.

As is the new ‘white’ border…

The pond is verdant… although there are no fish…

Even the back gate corner is blooming this year…

Plans are afoot to take away the tiles from the garage roof as they lift and are slippery when wet… watch this space.

Cupboard corner… where the pond pump electrics are located… is better this year than ever.

…especially with the backdrop of our ‘triffid’ lavender!


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