Welcome to my Postage Stamp Garden

2023 Update

2022 Update

Verdant again

2020 Update…

The new bit… we extended the border and raised it to make it easier for us oldies.

The lavender/triffid hybrid

For more updates follow my Lockdown Diary

Welcome to the Fat Gardener. Expect this to be my least sophisticated website devoted to my tiny urban garden and the critters that find their way into it. It is really no more than a glorified patio with a garden shed and our garage roof

I will have plenty of pictures on this site… but I am no photographer… so they will be ‘record shots’ taken with my mobile phone or cheap digital camera.

This is a 2019 update of the same area… that bush was blocking out so much light!

I am not an entomologist either so do not expect 100% accuracy as to the species of insects and other invertebrates that I note. I will do my very best but cannot guarantee to get the identity right every time… despite ‘a little help from my friends’.

There will be general notes and thoughts and pages devoted to each animal group.

For more positive views and information see my other websites, and those of my son… Now join me on my micro-safari!


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